Day 34: Helen and Marc Prods Nick About Harry

Helen and Marc give Nick some friendly advice about Harry Amelia.

“I don’t think you’ve done yourself any favours last week so (in regards to Harry Amelia), if you want me to be honest” Helen said.


Nick agreed and said he knows.

Marc then went and gave his two bits of advice “Pop on fella”

“She doesn’t have the same (feelings) for you, at all” Helen added

Marc then questions “Why doesn’t she kiss you in public?”

“I think if nothing is going to come of it, don’t let anyone spoil the experience for you” Helen exclaimed.


“I am scared of the public” Nick said

“Why you’re not disliked at all, so don’t worry about it” Helen reassures him.

Nick admits he has been struggling.

“I’m here to help!” Helen again reassures.

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