Day 35: Nikki enjoys her first night in the House and teases Jack

Nikki has taken time out to enjoy her first night in the main House

On tonight’s show we see the legendary Housemates enter the House, and Nikki isn’t holding back. We see that Nikki is teasing Jack. She tells Jack some lies about his support in the outside world saying he has over 200,000 Twitter followers. He believes her and she is struggling to hold in her laughter.

After, Nikki goes to the in Diary Room. “I can’t believe what I just said. These lies have spiralled out of control. I can’t believe he’s buying everything I’ve said. I feel so evil… I told Jack that he’s basically won the show. He believes me!”

Later on in the show, Helen and Nikki are talking about the lies Nikki told Jack and laughing that he believed her. Helen says, “I don’t like Cristian. He’s got the personality of a Ryvita.” Nikki says, “I’d shag Cristian and marry Nick.” Simon jokes that he is jealous of Helen and Marc’s relationship.

Finally, Nick is talking to Nikki. She says, “You’ve got to get away from that sea witch. This is your dream to be in Big Brother. You’re wasting this time.”

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