Day 35: Timewarp Housemates cause trouble as they enter the House

It kicked off in the House last night..

Time Warp Housemates enter the house. Chloe and Jade are first to welcome them. Marc and Simon hug. Danny and Jack stand back. Harry is left alone at the sofas.

· The Housemates take turns greeting each other. Danny says to Helen, “We needed to liven it up!” Brian says “hello” to Harry. She responds, “At least you said hello to me. I’m going to hide in my bed.” Helen, Nikki and Marc have not acknowledged Harry. Nikki tells Nick, “I’ve come to rescue you.”

· In the bedroom, Marc reassures Simon, “You’re doing great. Don’t be a bitch. Be yourself.” Helen tells Chloe, “You’ve got a lot of support from outside.” Meanwhile, Nikki says to Jack, “You’re so popular!”

· Helen and Nick are talking in the smoking area. Helen tells him, “I like your character.” Simon comments, “He’s a lovely man.” Helen adds, “You were my favourite from the start. You and Chloe.”

· Marc is teasing the other Housemates saying, “I heard some horrible shit. A lot of people in this house are two faced b*stards. Some people that I really didn’t expect. Some of you surprised me. We’ve seen a lot.”

· Marc is in smoking area talking to Sam about her behaviour. Marc says, “I’ve lost a lot of respect for you. You’re a wolf in sheep’s clothing.” Sam responds saying that since Marc left, she has had the chance to bond with the others.

· Jack and Nick are getting to know Nikki. Nikki is hugging Nick saying, “We’ve got the rest of our lives together Nick. He’s adorable.”

· Marc tells Joel, “You’re a smart man. You’re the only one out there that isn’t back stabbing people. You’ve got a chance to make the final.”

· Helen, Danny, Jack and Chloe are sitting at the kitchen table. Harry is in the kitchen. Helen is recounting Harry and the washing story to Danny. Danny is defending Harry. Simon and Jack begin to bicker.

· Harry and Nick are in bedroom. Harry says, “Me and you have something going on in our private life which if not for a f*****g camera.” Nick is seeking reassurance that Harry likes him. Harry responds, “I’m never going to be a lovey dovey person, unless it’s in private.”

· Nick, Sam and Joel are in garden talking about the new housemates. Nick comments, “I’ve lost myself and these people have brought me back to me.”

· Harry is alone in the toilet.

· Marc is in the garden talking to Simon, Jade and Sam. He warns them to be wary of Jack, Danny, Chloe and Cristian.

· Big Brother calls Harry to the Diary Room. She sits with her back to the camera denying anything is wrong. She says, “I’m fine. I don’t give a shit about anyone’s opinion.” She goes back to the toilet.

· Danny goes to the toilet and tries to get Harry to talk to him. She denies anything is wrong and maintains that she prefers Nick enjoying himself with the others

· Jade is in the Diary Room talking about the night. “It’s rocked the boat massively. For me personally, it’s made me come alive. I really like Harry but I don’t like the way she’s denying what they (Harry and Nick) have. She’s not appreciating Nick for what he is. She was nominated because she’s not coming across well.”

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