Day 36: Alex branded as the most forgettable Housemate

Alex isn’t happy after being branded the most forgettable housemate of this series.

During tonight’s show, Annihilation week continues, Big Brother gathers the housemates in the deliberation room

· Big Brother conducted a poll of viewers’ opinions of the housemates. Big Brother asks housemates questions, and if Big Brother believes housemates answer honestly, then the viewers’ opinions will be revealed to the house

· Housemates are asked who they feel is the most forgettable. Housemates voice their reasons on who they believe is the most forgettable

· Jason is chosen by more Housemates than any other as the most forgettable, Big Brother reveals that the viewing public believe Alex is the most forgettable housemate

· Housemates must now declare who they think is the biggest game player, more pick Andy than any other and Big Brother reveals that the viewing public also believe Andy is the biggest game player

· Finally, housemates must now declare who they think is the least genuine. More choose Andy than any other housemate as the least genuine, and the viewing public think that Ryan is the least genuine

· Alex is talking to Big Brother about being voted the most forgettable housemate by the viewing public; “That was an eye opener to say the least. Everyone weren’t expecting that. Cos I don’t scream or dance around, maybe I’m forgettable for that, or not jump in bed with a girl. I feel like I’ve been myself, each to their own, I’m not going to change.”

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