Day 36: Ellie calls it off with Sam after fears he’s playing her feelings.

During tonight’s show, on the sofas, Ellie is having second thoughts about Sam and tearfully tells him; “I see everything Sam…I’m not being used.” He walks off

Sam heads to the kitchen and tells Isabelle and Chanelle that Ellie thinks he’s using her. In the storeroom, Ellie reveals to Hannah; “I’m struggling, I’m ready to go…he fancies Isabelle.” Hannah tells her; “I believe that Sam is genuine. If he was fake I’d tell you. You need to stop crying and getting upset…”

In the kitchen, Sue is talking about Ellie; “The water works have been on for five hours today! I did a degree in Media, I know all about it, it’s a showmance!”

Sam is comforting Ellie in the bedroom, he says; “She (Isabelle) is not better than you! I’m not using you. You could be using me! You in here are making my time better…” The pair kiss.

Big Brother continues tonight at 10pm.

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