Day 37: £20,000 up for grabs in latest annihilation eviction

The Housemates have had the chance to grab an incredible £20,000 – but at a cost of an eviction and the prize fund.

During tonight’s highlights show, the Housemates are faced with another annihilation shock. Big Brother tells housemates that one of them can take £20,000 from the prize fund – but if they choose to do that they will have to evict another one of their housemates.

One housemate decides to press the button and chooses to evict one of their housemates The rest of the housemates are disgusted by the decision and an argument ensues. Housemates discuss the outcome of the latest Annihilation hit, some are upset.

Andy, the only housemate who was immune from the annihilation eviction, is in the diary room talking about his housemates; “I think they’re angry that an ally and a friend has gone…they were furious…”

Big Brother has had a history of messing with the prize fund in recent years. Most recently, during the last series of Big Brother, the Housemates faced cashbomb week which saw the prize fund go up and down.

Big Brother continues tonight at 10pm.


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