Day 38: TASK: Planet of the Apes

The Housemates wake up to find that the garden has been converted into a post-apocolyptic world. They are then given outfits, and then divided into two teams (one team of 6, one team of 5).The Housemates must remain in the garden until told that they can go inside.

For each of the two games played, the winning team gets to choose Housemates that can re-enter the main house. The other Housemates must spend the remainder of the task in the garden.

When the Housemates first enter the garden, there will be food hidden that they must scavenge and eat. The Housemates must work with their team so that they can survive the wilderness. Food will include:
*Dried insects in cling film and green tissue paper – these will also be labelled
*Hard boiled egg in a fake bird’s nest
*Fruit hidden in trees
*Nuts in a coconut shaped bowl
*Large water bottles.

SEWAGE RELAY: Two Housemates will stand under a large sewage pipe that is pumping out dirty, brown coloured water. Amongst the water, different size fish will fall that the Housemates must catch. While this is happening, spurts of water will also be released from pipes surrounding the Housemates, covering them in ‘dirty’ water. The team of the Housemate that collects the most fish in the given amount of time wins.

SINKING FEELING: Throughout the day a pile of scrap/junk has been in the garden. Amonst this are pieces of cardboard, polystyrene, and water bottles. There will first be a race to grab the best buoyancy materials for your team. Teams can then use their survival kit (scissors, rope and gaffer tape) to create a raft. The aim is to create a raft that will hold the weight of one team member on the pool for the longest period of time.

When one team’s raft is in the pool, the others can try and make it sink by throwing buckets of water, and using the materials around them to create waves in the pool. The team’s raft that stays afloat for the longest wins.

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