Day 39: Best pictures from Big Brother’s Timewarp Week

We take a look at the best pictures from this week’s timewarp…

1. The time the Timewarp Housemates got told they were nominating for the first time
morning viewing.Sub.07Ah yes, on their first morning in the House, Brian, Helen and Nikki were called to the Diary Room with Marc to conduct their first nomination. Doesn’t Nikki look happy?!

2. The moment Jack realized Marc was actually returning to the House

Jack.As the Timewarp Housemates were revealed to the House, the realization that Marc was returning hit Jack and this was his reaction…

3. The time Helen clearly didn’t want to listen after nominating Chloe for eviction

Helen.Helen doesn’t really look that happy in this picture now does she? She really didn’t want to listen to the others after it was revealed that Chloe would face eviction.

4. The moment that Nikki questioned why she came back into the House in the first place

Nikki.Nikki was subjected to some very inhuman treatment as she took part in the latest task! She wasn’t a big fan of the fish Big Brother threw on her.

5. The time Nikki told Big Brother she was “emotionally drained” after the task

Big BrotherTaking part in the task took its toll on poor old Nikki, as she told Big Brother she was emotionally drained…

6. The moment where ex-Housemates stormed into the House

Craig.As part of the latest shopping task, some familiar faces stormed out of the Diary Room and into the House!

7. How Rylan managed to worm his way into the House… again!

Big BrotherYes, you just can’t get him out of there! Rylan returned to the House as part of the shopping task.


Big Brother

Jade’s nomination face!

Big Brother continues tonight with the eighth live eviction where one of either Chloe, Cristian, Harry or Jade will leave the House.








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