Day 39: Cristian speaks up against Marc after being nominated

Cristian has had enough of being quiet, and finally makes a stand for himself…

Cristian has turned the tables and is annoying Marc with some of his own techniques. He is dancing around Marc banging a pot and shouting. Brian joins in and the two start chanting around him. Marc leaves the bedroom. Cristian says, “We’ll he’s f*****d off. I can get back into bed and relax for a bit.” He makes a comment to Helen saying, “It’s not being a judgemental person,” in relation to her cornflake remark. Helen defends herself saying, “I’d find toast more interesting. It took five weeks for you to finally perk up and realise where you are.”

·Danny is talking to Marc about Cristian’s behaviour, telling Marc to leave him to behave how he likes. Marc says, “Go out being who you are.” Cristian comes into the garden. Danny tells Marc he’s contradicting himself as he’s nominated people for being boring and now that they are responding to that, he can’t criticize it. Cristian says, “Lots of people are brown nosing.” Danny says to Marc, “I’d say you’re so far up Helen’s arse” Cristian agrees.

Nick and Joel talking about Cristian. Joel says, “I don’t like this Cristian.” Nick says the same. Cristian approaches to give Joel some advice and says, “Know who your real friends are.” Joel responds, “I don’t want to hear that again. The last two days, I don’t like this Cristian that I’ve seen.” Cristian responds saying Joel has made no effort with him the last two days. Joel is offended. Cristian says, “Open your eyes.”

·Cristian and Jade are talking about their argument last night. Cristian, “I didn’t mean to come off as rude.” Jade responds, “You basically called me a whore.” Cristian denies it and says of her behaviour, “It’s how it looks. There’s a route that you’re going down, Jade.”

Helen and Jade are in the bedroom. Jade is relaying her conversation with Cristian. Jade also says, “He insinuated that Marc is up your arse and you love him.” Helen says of Cristian, “He’s no personality. I’ve heard him speak more in the last forty eight hours than in the last five weeks.” Helen impersonates Cristian.

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