Day 4: Fake Eviction to happen on Wednesday

Big Brother is dropping his latest twist with a fake eviction on Friday

Currently, Dappy and Liz, Evander and Luisa and Casey and Lee face eviction from the Big Brother House. However – nobody will be evicted this time. The couple with the most votes will be sent into Big Brother’s Bolt Hole during the fake eviction – a safe hiding place where they’ll be watching the other celebrities’ every move.

So should Casey & Lee all rise to the challenge? Will Liz get the opportunity to collaborate with Dappy on a celeb-spotting article? Or will Luisa make Evander her spying apprentice? Here are the numbers you need to make your decision:

To vote for Casey & Lee:
Call 090 20 44 24 13 from a landline
Call 6 44 24 13 from a mobile

To vote for Dappy & Liz:
Call 090 20 44 24 14 from a landline
Call 6 44 24 14 from a mobile

To vote for Evander & Luisa:
Call 090 20 44 24 15 from a landline
Call 6 44 24 15 from a mobile
Mobile and BT landline votes cost 50p. Other landlines may vary. Voting closes in Wednesday’s live show. Votes cast after lines close won’t count. For full terms, go to


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  1. emma was tv gold says

    Too early for a real eviction, these guys have to work for their money!

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