Day 4: Jedward return to the House as Big Brother delivers shock nominations news

Celebrity Big Brother has been rocked as Jedward have returned to the House.

Celebrity Big Brother 2011 Housemates, Jedward, have made their sensational return to the Big Brother House this evening as the latest all star Housemates to return.

Before the duo return to the House, Big Brother delivered some shock news to the House. Following the end of the producers tasks, it was revealed to the House that the edited out Housemates would be unable to nominate this week but could still be nominated.

Angie and Jamie were also then told that they would be making a tough decision. Jamie and Angie were told to stand with their backs to the garden doors. Big Brother then told them that they would be nominating one of the edited out Housemates to face the first eviction.

The edited out Housemates were given 15 seconds each to make their plea to Angie and Jamie, giving their reasons why they shouldn’t be nominated. After all of the pleas, Jamie and Angie were told to save Housemates. They saved Bianca, Stacy, Ray J and Brandon. This means that James C will face the first eviction on Friday¬†night.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tomorrow at 9pm

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