Day 4: Jenna, Farrah and Gail discuss Gail’s career and alopecia

Gail, Jenna and Farrah have discussed Gail’s condition and her career on television.

During tonight’s highlights show, Gail, Jenna and Farrah get to know each other in the sofa area. Jenna says to Gail: ‘I want to know your story.’

“Yeah I don’t think I got to hear it all”. says Farrah. Gail starts by saying “Nothing really exciting. I used to babysit for a director’s kids, he said do you want to come down and audition for a kid’s programme, I went and auditioned and got the job.

“First audition I ever did. Then I did quite a few kid’s shows. Then I did Top Of The Pops, which is a music show here. FHM did a bit of a naughty shoot with me…so then they projected a naked image of me on to the Houses of Parliament.

“So then all my hair fell out ten years ago…They think it is stress related or hormone related, they are not really sure. I had Alopecia Universalis so I lost all my hair, my eyebrows, everything on my body…Then TV work went ‘why don’t you wear a wig’, so I went well if you don’t like me for who I am then you can f**k right off. I am not doing anything to myself.’

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

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