Day 4: Jeremy Jackson ejected from Celebrity Big Brother 2015

Baywatch star Jeremy Jackson has been ejected from the Celebrity Big Brother House

Jeremy Jackson has been removed from the Big Brother House following an explosive argument  after live nominations last night.

In a statement from Channel 5, they said:

Tonight’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother has moved to the later time of 10pm on Channel 5.

This episode features explosive drama between the housemates and includes an incident that results in Jeremy Jackson being removed from the house.


Despite the removal, the eviction between Alexander, Chloe and Ken is still set to go ahead on Tuesday evening at 9pm and will not be cancelled or rescheduled.

While in the toilet in the bedroom being sick due to being drunk, Chloe assisted Jeremy to make sure he was okay. While helping, Jeremy reached to Chloe and opened the top of her dressing gown which exposed her breast, causing upset to Chloe and shocking her. Cami Li took her to the bottom of the stairs and called for Big Brother to open the Diary Room.

Nadia assisted Chloe to the Diary Room, where Big Brother let her calm down and explain what happened. Big Brother in the meantime told Jeremy to go to the bathroom and remain there until further notice.

Big Brother, in the Diary Room, told Chloe that Jeremy would not be sleeping in the same bedroom as the Housemates that evening. After leaving the Diary Room, Chloe went to the pod to calm down and collect her thoughts.

Big Brother then called Jeremy to the Diary Room to let him explain what happened. He explained what happened to Big Brother. Big Brother asked Jeremy if he thought it was acceptable to lift a woman’s robe. Jeremy replied that it sounded “disgusting” when it was put like that, and that it wasn’t acceptable.

“Believe it or not, I’m just being silly. I’m too emotionally wounded to really engage in any relationship type flirtation” he continued.

“Jeremy, Big Brother has arranged for another area of the House to have a bed away from the other Housemates for you to sleep. Big Brother will review the situation and talk to you in the morning”. Jeremy was then sent to a private room away from the other Housemates to sleep.

The next day, Jeremy was called to the Diary Room where Big Brother informed him that he would be removed.

“Hello Jeremy. Before you entered the Big Brother House, the rules regarding unacceptable behavior were explained to you. Last night while alone in the bathroom alone with Chloe you pulled her dressing gown down. Big Brother deems your behaviour to be wholly unacceptable.

“As a result of your actions, Big Brother has no other choice than to remove you from the House”

Despite the removal, the eviction between Alexander, Chloe and Ken is still set to go ahead on Tuesday evening at 9pm and will not be cancelled or rescheduled.


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  1. lee says

    Jeremy did look like he could blow up at any minute if someone said the wrong thing to him but its a same cos he could of been a brilliant house mate

  2. Kim Cartwright says

    Why was Jeremy Jackson ever allowed in the house especially with past history and no one should have to put up with what Chloe had to go through I would never have put him in the house I understand what Chloe’s going through going in the house and getting drunk is not good may be he needs help but what he did is out of order

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