Day 4: Winston evicted by Housemates in first eviction night twist

Winston McKenzie has become the first person to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother House.Earlier tonight, Emma Willis announced that Kristina was safe from eviction after receiving the most votes to save.

Following the announcement that she was safe, Big Brother instructed Nancy and Winston to stand up in front of the other Housemates. Big Brother handed out 14 envelopes to the House with pictures of Nancy and Winston inside. Big Brother told the Housemates to choose the photo of the Housemate they wanted to evict. One by one they revealed who they had decided to evict.

Angie decided to evict Winston
Danniella decided to evict Winston
David decided to evict Winston
Jeremy decided to evict Nancy
Jonathan decided to evict Winston
Megan decided to evict Winston
Scotty T decided to evict Winston
Tiffany decided to evict Winston
Christopher decided to evict Winston
Gemma decided to evict Winston
John decided to evict Winston
Kristina decided to evict Winston
Stephanie decided to evict Winston

Following the announcement, Winston had 30 seconds to say his goodbyes and left the house greeted by Emma, and faced with boos from the crowd.

Emma asked Winston how it feels to be first of the house: “It was a scintillating experience. It was work; I knew I was at work. Seeing what other people in the house have been through, I realised I don’t know it all.”

Emma asked Winston how he felt about the crowd reaction: “The crowd reaction, hostile as it is, it’s nothing compared to some of the boxing crowds.” Winston said boxing prepared him for this. He continued: “People are entitled to their opinions. I’m being portrayed as a people hater, I’ve read it. We live in a democratic society and express our opinions.”

Emma asked Winston about his comment regarding gay adoption: “I’m a Christian; I expressed my feelings at the time. It doesn’t mean to say that I’m one to tell someone who wants to adopt a child, that they can’t do so, I don’t make the rules. My comment was made in the heat of the moment, the press were on me, it was a General Election and they got what they were looking for. So whatever comment I made at that time, it wasn’t something that was done from the heart. The simple fact is they portrayed it the way, however spiteful they wanted. I agree with my heartfelt feelings. I’m not going to change my mind, or the way I am.”

Emma continued to ask does he still think gay adoption is likeable to child abuse, Winston replies: “Would you like me to sit here and lie? We don’t need to go over it again. I’ve made my statement.” Emma believes it is such a shame and a sad view to have. He goes onto say: “The work I do for homeless children and mothers, and people who are destitute, I can match any MP because people know me as the man of the people. I step in as I know what it is to struggle.”

Emma asked Winston who he was drawn to in the house: “I think all the ladies were wonderful, they all had one thing in common, and they all had this dream. Some of the women in the house were very insecure.”

Regarding his warning for misconduct, Winston said: “I’m in the Big Brother house and certain women are flaunting themselves all the time, we’re in close proximity. I’m a red blooded male. I’m very much a gentleman.”

Winston concluded: “It was the most wonderful experience.”

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