Day 40: Brian, Helen and Marc explode following nominations bombshell

Brian, Marc and Helen kick off after a nominations shock hits the House…

The Housemates are back on the sofa and watch as Jade nominates Cristian. Marc gets up to shake Cristian’s hand and says “Hard luck buddy” Danny asks “What is that about?” Marc replies “Please stop mate, please stop” The two then get embroiled into an argument after Danny accuses Marc of “licking Cristian’s arse”.

Marc goes on to shout that he saved Cristian in replacement of Chloe for the first time. Things get heated as Danny stands up. Brian intervenes and makes Danny sit down, however he soon loses his temper and starts accusing Marc of nominating Jade. Helen defends Marc saying he didn’t want to get involved. Brian goes on to shout at Marc “You have played some horrible mind games, you came in when Danny was upset last night in the bedroom and you laughed.” Brian continues to get heated. Marc responds “get a grip of yourself mate.” Helen adds “look at the state of you, I can’t wait for Jade to mug you off and see what a freak you are”

Brian comes to the Diary Room to talk about Marc and Helen and starts to cry “I hate them so so much. I hate them. I don’t care what they say they do harass people they do intimidate people and they are bullies, I feel like I ruined Jade’s chances as she slept in my bed”

The argument continues in the living room. Danny says to Marc “you target people that are a lot younger than you and a lot weaker than you. You upset so many people in here that I like and I have had enough of it.

Helen is in the garden and comments to a few of the Housemates “I am telling you now with Cristian and Danny, their game plan is to get to the final so they will eliminate everyone who has potential. Joel will be next”

Joel and Marc are in the bedroom and Joel asks Marc how he is “I am fine, it is horrible as I know I am a horrible person” Joel says “you are a d**head but you are not a two faced person” Marc then goes on to tell Joel not talk to him as he will become a target.

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