Day 40: New Big Brother Housemate teasers revealed

Teasers about the new Housemates going into the Big Brother House have been revealed

Big Brother is sending three new Housemates into the House tonight, as part of the Big Brother: Armageddon twist that is set to rock the house for the entire week. The current Housemates are set to be joined by ” a stripper, a singer and a bed-hopping Sikh”

The first Housemate is a “globe trotting stripper who has vowed to drive the single men wild”

The second is a former pop star who wants another crack at fame after almost hitting the big time on one of 54-year-old Simon Cowell’s shows.

And the third is a Sikh from Essex who reckons he has already worked out how to play everyone in the house.

You can catch the first installment of Big Brother: Armageddon at 10pm tonight.

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  1. charlotte says

    Ill be gutted if that’s who going in I want to see kims bf not randomers GUTTED

  2. Kay says

    If its goin to be called armageddon then they should make it armageddon and get kims bf in!!!

  3. HarveyJ says

    Big up to the Sikh guy yeah yeah

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