Day 40: TASK: The Key to Survival

Housemates’ food for the day is locked away in 11 boxes. The housemates have a giant bunch of keys and have a limited time to open as many boxes as possible.

There are 11 locked boxes, Each is labelled e.g. ‘Protein’, ‘Carbohydrates’, ‘Vegetables’. The housemates have a bunch of keys. One housemate at a time has 60 seconds with the bunch of keys and must open as many boxes as possible. There is one mystery box labelled with a ‘?’ that contains the tin opener.


1. Baked beans (Protein)
2. Chick peas (Protein)
3. Rice pudding (Dessert)
4. Green beans (Vegetables)
5. Mushy peas (Vegetables)
6. New potatoes (Carbohydrates)
7. Mushrooms (Vegetables)
8. Pease pudding (Protein)
9. Spinach (Vegetables)
10. Canned Pickles (Vegetables)
11. Black eyed peas (Protein)
12. Butter beans (Protein)

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