Day 41: Harry gets frustrated by Marc’s eviction immunity

Harry has gotten herself a bit frustrated over Marc’s eviction immunity.

This week, Big Brother has pressed pause on timewarp week as Brian, Helen and Nikki are still in the Big Brother House. As part of the pause, Marc has been made immune from this week’s eviction – and Harry isn’t very happy.

On tonight’s show, Some of the Housemates are in the kitchen and Nikki asks Harry if she has nominated yet. Harry says “The thing is I can’t nominate the person who annoys me the most as they are immune and no offence but I can’t nominate who has p***ed me off most this week as they are already nominated.”

She went on to say “To be honest Cristian if you weren’t already nominated I would have nominated you because of the way you have reacted to certain things this week.”

Cristian looks on shocked, “What are you talking about Harry!” she retorted “Don’t take this in a mardy way but I think you should have handled yourself better this week” Cristian replied that that doesn’t affect her. To which she agreed.

Big Brother continues at 9pm on Channel 5.

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