Day 42: Housemates revolt against Big Brother after bed ban

Big Brother has removed all duvets and pillows from the House, causing a Housemate revolution!

Earlier today, Nick, Harry, Danny and Nikki fell to sleep at the sofas in the living area. Big Brother then instructed the Housemates that they weren’t to sleep during the day. When the Housemates failed to answer the call, Big Brother played the wake-up alarm into the House.

As Housemates still didn’t respond, Big Brother instructed the Housemates to place all duvets and pillows in the store room. As an idea of revolution, Housemates started to cover their faces and heads in an attempt to stop the show and stop Big Brother recording anything.

At 6:57pm today, the Housemates revolt continued, almost half an hour after it started. Lead by Cristian in the sky room, the Housemates began to chant “No footage” as well as demanding more alcohol, more pizza and duvets. Sam on the other hand asked for a personal request of tequila.

“What do we want? Duvets! When do we want them? Now” chanted the Housemates. The Housemates even chanted for freedom.

“Has it worked?” asked Cristian.

At 7:02pm, the revolt came to an end within 10 minutes and the Housemates were not given any of their requests. However, Housemates weren’t content with what they’d done and instead decided to continue.

Lead by Cristian, Housemates piled into the store room where their bedding was stored, before starting to throw food all over each other and their bedding. Big Brother’s calls for Housemates to enter the bedroom went ignored as they continued to revolt, with food being thrown everywhere.


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