Day 42: Joel isn’t happy with Jack’s nomination reasons

Joel isn’t happy with the reasons that Jack gave for nominating him…

Yesterday, Housemates continued nominating and Joel was nominated for eviction by Jack. However he isn’t happy with the reasons that were given for his nomination.

Housemates on tonight’s show are frozen as the Timewarp machine activates so Jack can make his nomination. When the housemates are released Jack apologises to Joel. Joel is not satisfied with Jack’s reasons and says, “I can’t see the first reason as valid to be honest. You know I find it would be quite rude to not attempt to get to know the Time Warp Housemates. Jack maintains his decision saying, “I’m closer to Chloe, Danny and Nick. You’ll have to nominate one of your friends now and you’ll see how hard it is.”

Later, Joel is in the Diary Room talking about the nomination. He says, “I think Jack’s nomination wasn’t strong. I’m happy and proud to say, I am who I am. I hope people will see that’s an honest person.”

Danny, Nick and Harry are in the garden talking about Jack. Danny says, “It was hard for him.” Nick says to Harry, “I felt sorry for him when you were laughing like that.” Harry comments that she was not laughing at Jack but at Helen making faces. She gets annoyed. Harry leaves and goes to the bedroom by herself. Nick seems mildly irritated saying, “She can do what she wants. I’m not going to fight with her.”

Big Brother continues tonight at 10pm.

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