Day 43: Housemates are punished by Big Brother after revolt

The Housemates have been punished following the revolt last night.

Earlier today, Big Brother gathered the Housemates to the sofas and informed them that their actions last night wouldn’t go unpunished.

“This is Big Brother. Housemates, Big Brother takes rule breaking very seriously. Last night, Housemates broke several of Big Brother’s fundamental rules, and Big Brother finds Housemates actions last night totally unacceptable.

“Big Brother expects Housemates to respect and look after each other, and to respect and look after Big Brother’s house. Housemates should clean up last night’s mess immediately and the House must be returned to order. This is just the beginning Housemates, there will be further punishment.

“Big Brother expects all Housemates to follow the rules from now on, and to respond immediately to any instructions given by Big Brother. Any further rule breaches will be taken extremely seriously. Housemates can now leave the sofas to begin cleaning”

Housemates began cleaning soon after.

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