Day 43: Take A Closer Look At The Big Brother House With mysnapp – Thorn Cottage

Big Brother has completely renovated the House this year, so we’ve teamed up with mysnapp – the app that lets you shop what you see – to bring you the closest look at the village that you could possibly want to get.

Over the last few weeks, we have looked at the living area, kitchen, Rose Cottage and even the animals that lurk around the house. This week, we are checking out the second bedroom – Thorn Cottage. Now, on first glance, this room looks like a nightmare to live in right? You need to look past all of that and you can find some pretty cool stuff hidden away.

There’s a huge deal of stuff to look at throughout this room, right? The production team have thought about everything. We love the graffiti detail on the walls, it really adds to the overall feel of this bedroom. The furniture has been carefully chosen to make sure it fits in as well. The light fixtures in this room have a classic feel, and we really like the double feature on the wall. The team have also taken advantage of the theme and added similar rose wallpaper to the other bedroom, but this time it’s ripped and is in a grunge style.

We all know that Big Brother likes his animals, and this room is no different! If you look closely you’ll see a few little creatures hanging out. Down by the fireplace is a sleeping cat, who looks pretty comfy if you ask us. On the walls, there are some rabbit hangers too.

While this room doesn’t look the nicest to stay in, the housemates have still managed to make themselves at home with the materials throughout the room. There were pillows and cushions scattered around the room as well as some very comfy looking blankets. The floral blanket looks pretty soft, as well as the bulldog cushion.

There’s a lot to look at and notice throughout the room, so what have you noticed? This week, we also have something special going on! We are running a competition with mysnapp for you guys to win some very cute ducklings as seen in Big Brother House!

For your chance to win the ducklings, all you have to do is head over to our Twitter feed, retweet the competition tweet and follow mysnapp on Twitter! The competition comes to an end on Sunday so you better be quick!

You can shop everything you see in the Big Brother house with mysnapp right now. You can start by visiting the mysnapp website or downloading the apps for iPhone and Android. You can follow mysnapp on Twitter and get involved with the conversation right now.

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