Day 44: BREAKING: Aisleyne to enter the House tonight

Aisleyne is going into the Big Brother House – Tonight!

Big Brother 7 Housemate, Aisleyne is entering the Big Brother House, tonight. This news comes after Big Brother 8 winner Brian Belo left the Big Brother House during last night’s arguments.

Aisleyne is entering later tonight and you can see her entrance on Channel 5 during the highlights show tomorrow night at 9pm. Read her entrance interview below:

You’re going back in, and you’re a Legendary Big Brother Housemate!  How do you feel about that?   I feel completely honoured.  I feel the House is surrounded with a lot of negativity and there is a dark cloud over the House.  I want to go in and bring positivity and fun.  I feel like it’s my House and I want to bring it back to life.

Why did you apply to for Big Brother in the first place and what made you decide to go back?
I was with my flatmate and we were both hungover and she was applying so I decided to as well and I got in.  I wanted to go back as it was such a great experience and I can see it is really negative in there at the moment so I want to inject some fun.  I want to make them play games, have a drink and kiss each other.

 Who will you be telling to ‘know yourself’ and will you be holding back?
I won’t be approaching Helen as she intimidates me but if I see her targeting someone else I definitely won’t hold back and I will be telling her to know herself.

Have you been watching the series?  Are there any Housemates that have made an impact on you?
I just love Jack I think he is so funny.  He really, really makes me laugh.  Everything he comes out with I just love.

 If you had been in the House last week with Helen, what would you have confronted her with?  Everything, I like to call her the spawn of Satan; she is just a bitch and is horrible to everyone.

 If you could pick another Legend to go in with you, who would you choose?
Josie Gibson; I think she is a bit like me.  She is just down to earth and a lovely really fun girl who says it how it is.

 Who would you like to see win?
Brian.  If I can’t have Brian, maybe Chloe or Danny?  I really like Danny and would like to see him come out of his shell a little bit more and I am going to help him come out of his shell when I go in.

 Viewers and fans feel they know you from watching you in the past.  Will you do anything differently this time around?
Cry less.  I want to just enjoy it and have as much fun as possible.  I want it to be a really positive experience for everyone.

 So you must have insider knowledge from last time.  What tips can you share for survival in the Big Brother House?
Just to be yourself and enjoy the experience.  You were picked from thousands and thousands of people so just really make the most of it and enjoy yourself.


What is your biggest achievement since being on Big Brother?
Writing my book as I think it reached out and helped loads of people, especially young girls and that is invaluable to me.

What are your biggest memories from your Big Brother experience?
When I thought I was evicted and I went into the secret bunker.  It made me realise how much I wasn’t ready to leave.

 Are you looking for romance this time around?  Is there anyone in the house now who tickles your fancy?
Well I am celibate at the moment but I am looking for romance.  We will see if anyone tickles my fancy in the House when I get in there.

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