Day 44: Housemates experience a year in a day for the latest shopping task

Housemates are set to enjoy an entire year in a day with the latest shopping task.

Earlier today, Big Brother woke the Housemates up with the sound of Big Ben chiming, starting the year in a day task that Housemates will be taking part in.

In the living area, a large calendar has been set up displaying what date it is, as Big Brother provided Housemates with champagne and music to celebrate New Years Day. After singing, it was time to explain the task to the group.

Helen picked up the instructions to read them aloud. “For this week’s shopping task, Housemates will be living an entire year in fast forward. Over the course of the coming year, Housemates will be set a series of challenges to complete. The better Housemates perform in these challenges, the better Housemates’ Christmas will be.

“If Housemates have a good year, Santa might just bring a luxury shopping budget. In each challenge, Housemates will compete to win presents that they will receive at Christmas”

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