Day 44: Josie Gibson returns to the Big Brother House to help Raph

Big Brother 11 winner, Josie Gibson, has returned to the Big Brother House for the first time since leaving in 2010. Her appearance comes as part of The Steal task, which saw £20,000 stolen from the prize fund.

During tonight’s highlights show, Raph is called to the Diary Room by Big Brother and is given his temptation. For £150, he would be able to have a one on one meeting with a former Big Brother winner, who would be able to give him tips on how to become a winner.

Raph decided to take his temptation and went to meet Josie, who was waiting in the task room.

Raph entered the room and was shocked. “Hello Raph!” said Josie, much to the surprise of Raph. “At the moment, from a viewers perspective, it’s a level playing field. There’s not one clear winner” explained Josie.

“I need you, to go back in there after our conversation, and come up like red rum, okay? You’re a lovely guy but be yourself but stir it up with the pranks! We want to see more pranks from you.. and don’t ever own up to the pranks either! Don’t worry about keeping these housemates happy, worry about keeping the viewers happy”

“Everybody says they don’t want to win the money, but really they do. You really could win this but you have to step it up a gear, because you don’t want to blend in. You don’t want to blend into the corner and be a bit dry”

Raph and Josie.

The conversation wrapped up, as Raph told Josie “It’s such an honour to meet you!”

“If you do win, take me for a drink” she joked.

Josie first entered the Big Brother House during the eleventh series of Big Brother, and was the first to enter the house that series. She left on Day 77 as the winner before returning to the House just 20 minutes later to take part in Ultimate Big Brother, joined by legendary housemates such as Nikki Grahame, Nick Bateman and Chantelle Houghton.

Big Brother continues tonight at 10pm.

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