Day 45: TASK: Copy That

Housemates must attempt to do something which another housemate will be incapable or unwilling to copy. They will go head to head in series of copycat battles, trying to do something so difficult, outrageous, embarrassing or disgusting that it will be impossible for their opponent to copy them.


The housemates are divided into two teams. One at a time, a team will try to copy the actions of the other team. The elevated area of the living area will act as a stage, with seating for the opposing teams.

Big Brother will call one member of each team up to the stage. Big Brother will inform the team whether, in this round, they are the performer of the copier, and the round will begin.

Talent – One Housemate stands up and shows their singing ability. The other then tries to copy (Zoe and Mark)

Props – One member of each team must use the props provided to be as random as possible so that the other team won’t want to copy. Example of props – Clippers, thong, pink hairspray, hula hoop, cellotape, ping pong balls, baby oil, nipple tassels. The second team member must then copy. (Winston and Steven)

Honesty – One member of the first team must reveal the Housemate that they like the least and honestly reveal all the reasons why they dislike this Housemate. (Helen and Pav)

Freestyle – One member of the first team can do whatever they like on the stage. The second team member must then copy. (Mark and Ashleigh)

Gross – One member of each team steps onto the stage and in front of them are three containers full of different, horrible food substances. The first team member must choose a jar and eat as much of the contents as possible. The member of the second team will then have to copy. Examples of food – pickled eggs, jellied eels, butter. (Ash and Chris)

After each ‘performance’, Christopher (who will act as the judge since it is uneven teams) will choose a winner if it is unclear.

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