Day 46: Helen brands Aisleyne embarrassing and admits to being a bully

Helen has called fellow legend Aisleyne embarrassing, while admitting she is a bully.

During the highlights on tonight’s show,  Helen is in the Diary Room talking about Aisleyne. She says, “I think she’s pretty aware that I’m not arsed at all about her presence. How she talks just scrapes on me. She talks like she’s a gangster.

“She tries to sound like she’s from ‘So Solid Crew’ or something. It’s embarrassing. Them two girls are my worst nightmare. The further we stay apart the better.”

Later on in the show, Chloe asks Helen if she’s going to watch the past shows to see how she’s been portrayed. Helen responds, “I know how I’ve been portrayed. I’m a bully.”

“They talk about Brian. Helen says, “I’m not apologising for it.”

Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm.

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