Day 46: Simon becomes the ninth to be evicted from the House

Simon has become the ninth person to be evicted from the House.

Following the announcement, Simon had 30 seconds to say his goodbyes and left the house to be greeted by Emma and a mixed reception from the crowd.

Simon told Emma that he was “Jazz hands and showbiz but he can’t be showbiz 24 hours a day and the makeup comes off.” He went on to admit, “It is really tough in there, you lose yourself and it was tough being in a situation with people and forgetting about the outside world. It is like free therapy”

Simon went on to say “Marc is the brother I never had. I collapsed on the floor when he left I felt like my world had fallen apart. He was always there for me. I made a real friend with him.”

“I got to see the real Helen and she was really helpful to me and gave me some good advice. There are cliques it is a very young house and I felt the old fogey.”

Simon said that he thought Danny should win because he is honest and real and always there for him.

Simon wasn’t the only Housemate to leave the House this evening as legends Helen and Nikki also said their goodbyes.

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