Day 49: Charley Uchea and John McCririck enter the Big Brother House

Two ex-Housemates have entered the House, as part of the Hotel BB task.

As part of the latest task, the Big Brother House has been transformed into the Big Brother Hotel, with six of the housemates its staff and the remaining three its guests. VIP guest Aislyne will be invited to choose these three, while the staff will spend the next few days presented with a series of challenges. Can they maintain the gaff’s 5-star nature?

The housemates will have a strict set of rules to follow, tasks to complete and a host of guest demands to contend with. To pass the task, they must not let standards slip.

If that’s not enought, they’ll be faced with temptations from Big Brother. If they cave in, the entire House will fail the Task.

The first guest to enter the hotel was Celebrity Big Brother 3 and Ultimate Big Brother housemate, John McCririck who entered earlier today. Later, Big Brother 8 Housemate, Charley Uchea entered as a guest.

Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm, with the Hotel BB task airing tomorrow.

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