Day 5: Harriet and Sarah discuss benefits, racism and sexuality

Harriet and Sarah have had a conversation about benefits, racism and sexuality

On tonight’s episode of Big Brother, Harriet and Sarah sit together and discuss the benefits system, racism and sexuality.

Harriet starts by talking to Sarah about her nicknames as a “working class bird”.  Sarah tells Harriet that she isn’t a big fan of “common people”.  Harriet then asks what Sarah means by “common people” and Sarah explains

“Lairy…watching TV…up to date on Jeremy Kyle”.  Harriet says she knows those people.

“I think I’ve signed on once in my life…I signed on once and never went back”.  replies Harret. Sarah then goes on to say  “The system has been rinsed to death…It’s not for immigrants to come in and claim shit when not they’re even attempting to get a job…I hate racism…I can understand why people may have a different view on gay people or certain sexual orientations…for religious reasons”.

Harriet responds by saying “It’s not affecting me, do what you have got to do”

Big Brother continues tonight at 9;20pm.


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