Day 50: Deborah and Andrew face twisted task

During tonight’s show, Big Brother gives Tom and Hannah a task from the attic. They must choose one housemate to have the best day, and one to have the worst day. Deborah is chosen to have the best day, and Andrew is chosen to have the worst day.

Big Brother gathers the housemates in the main house to explain the task, however they are told that the public has voted which housemates will take part

To start the task, Deborah receives a card from her ‘fans’ as part of the task. Tom and Hannah wrote the comments: “You are role model to your daughter. The bond between you and your sister is amazing”. Deborah cries as she reads the card

Andrew is also given a card, however his holds negative comments from ‘viewers’; “You are an over the top drama queen. Stop being two faced and say it to their face. Have a terrible day”. As he reads out the comments, Hannah starts to clap as she watches from the attic

The task continues. Deborah and Andrew both receive a menu of dishes. Deborah is given all her favourite foods. Andrew’s menu reads ‘slop and water’. As part of the task, both Andrew and Deborah must only eat what is on their menu for the rest of the day

Big Brother announces that Deborah is being given luxurious bubble bath to relax and continue having the best day possible

Andrew has also been treated to a bath, however his is full of fish guts and sits in the Big Brother garden. He places a foot into the bath and starts to scream; “I don’t want to put my penis under water though, because it will be fishy!”

Andrew goes to the diary room to talk to Big Brother about the task: “I’m starving and I stink. I think I’ve actually turned into a fish, and that’s why I can’t smell it completely…”

Big Brother continues tonight at 10pm.

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