Day 50: Marc on Brian: “Brian has ruined my time in here”

Marc has lashed out at Brian, saying he has ruined his time in the House.

On tonight’s show, Marc lashes out at legendary Housemate, Brian Belo. As the scene begins, some of the staff are on a break in their quarters. Marc is talking about Brian saying, “Brian has ruined my time in here.” Cristian says that Helen and Marc antagonised him. Marc asks for examples. Marc gets annoyed as the other staff Housemates agree that Marc annoyed Brian but cannot give examples of specific behaviour.

Marc is in the Diary Room. “I can’t take this shit. I did nothing to him. They’re all saying you antagonised him. Give me one f*****g example!”

Later, Marc and John are chatting in the smoking area. John tells him he disapproves of Marc siding with Helen. Marc gets frustrated. John says, “You’re picking on everyone,” and uses Aisleyne as an example. Marc says they had an argument. John says, “You watch Helen Wood, you watch you but you are acting. I can’t stand wind up merchants.” Marc says, “I’d never hurt someone’s feelings.”

Harry is in the Diary Room. “The Housemates are all using this phrase that Marc and Helen chased Brian over a wall… Brian left of his own accord.” Harry says she will not side with the others because she thinks it is wrong.

Marc tells Aisleyne about the conversation with John. Aisleyne says she tried to apologise to Marc. Marc says Aisleyne focused on the Brian situation when she had not seen anything first hand. Marc asks her if she would stick up for a friend knowing they were wrong. Aisleyne is annoyed and says Marc stuck up for Helen when her behaviour was awful. The argument escalates. Danny calls her away.

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