Day 51: Jasmine Lennard enters the House and admires Cristian

It looks like one of the hotel guests has taken a shine to one of the Housemates in the House..

The new guests are about to arrive so staff prepare. The next arrival is Dexter Koh. Aisleyne welcomes him. Marc introduces him to the staff. Nick looks star struck. Following Dexter is Jasmine Lennard. Jasmine enters the house. Aisleyne asks “Who’s that?”

Some of the Housemates are in the garden talking to Jasmine. Sam and Cristian are admiring her and asking her about her relationships and career. Jasmine walks off. Harry says, “I think Cristian’s in love.” Sam thinks she is attracted to women and is excited.

Marc and Nick are talking. “I don’t want to get along. I’m sick of liars. A lot of people in here are lying.” Cristian comes over and expresses his attraction to Jasmine.

Most of the Housemates are chatting in lobby. Jasmine is talking about her sexual preferences. Jasmine says she’d take Cristian on a date saying, “It’s an energy. He’s a cute boy.”

Most of the Housemates are going to bed. Jasmine and Cristian are holding hands in the garden. Jasmine says, “I must not be left alone with you.” They joke about staying up late and risking failing the task. Cristian questions her about her sexual preferences.

The staff Housemates are waiting for Cristian so that they can go to bed. Jack wants to call him in. Marc encourages Jack to give Cristian some time with Jasmine. Cristian and Jasmine come into the house. Jasmine is surprised that Cristian isn’t sleeping in the bedroom. She says goodnight and kisses him passionately. The staff Housemates cheer and hug Cristian.

Big Brother continues tonight at 10pm.

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