Day 52: Aisleyne becomes hotel staff after swap with Marc

Big Brother legend Aisleyne has become hotel staff after being swapped with Marc.

On tonight’s highlights show, Former Housemate James Jordan arrives as a Hotel BB guest. Danny is excited. James is given a tour a demands the house be cleaned. Chloe says, “The Brad Pitt of the dance world needs a clean bathroom!” James advises Marc to keep being himself saying, “You’re like marmite. You’ve got massive banter.”

Big Brother gathers all the Housemates in the living area. James must choose one staff housemate to become a V.I.P. guest. He chooses Marc saying, “I feel he deserves to be on this side more than anyone else.” He is then asked to choose a current guest to become a staff member.

He chooses Aisleyne saying that he would like to split the Aisleyne / Danny team up. Marc is delighted. Aisleyne is not happy. Marc tells James that he has been arguing with Aisleyne. Jasmine jumps to her defence and tells Marc that he crossed the line with his insults towards Aisleyne. Marc defends himself. James agrees with Marc.

Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

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