Day 53: Aisleyne leaves the House after a week in the House

Aisleyne has left the Big Brother House!

he was greeted by Emma who spoke to her about her time in the House.

“I am happy to be out of there that House is draining! I enjoyed it.” Emma asked her about wanting to leave. “I hadn’t had any sleep, I thought Marc was going to abuse me and I was just so dark, If I had left a few days earlier I would have been disappointed but I am ready to leave now!”

Emma questioned her why there wasn’t more fireworks with Helen, “I don’t dance with the devil, I done what I needed to do and I wont be a trashy b***h just because she is”

On Marc Aisleyene said “When I first got there I loved him, he is from Dublin where my family are from and I liked him. He is so confusing he has about 18 sides to him. In the end we just got each other and I think we are similar.” On the argument Aisleyne commented, “Charley had told me things he had said and I just stuck up for myself, every time I looked up I could see him looking at me.”

Emma asked Aisleyne about Danny, “He is just my friend. I love Danny as a person he is so powerful as a Housemate. I took him at face value and we had a cuddle and that was it.

“I would like all of them to win, I really do like Sam and Chloe though.”

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