Day 53: Ashleigh given immunity from eviction by the public

Ashleigh has been granted immunity from eviction this week

On Friday, it was announced by Emma that the power would return to the House, but this time it would be in the hands of the viewers. It was revealed that our first decision would be to make one Housemate immune from eviction. It would be decided by using a poll on the Big Brother iOS App.

Today, Big Brother gathered the Housemates on the sofas and announced to the group that the power had returned to the House. Big Brother told Housemates that the public had the power, and said that the public would be making big decisions.

Big Brother revealed that the public had voted to protect one Housemate from eviction. Ashleigh was given immunity from eviction and that she could not be nominated.

Housemates will nominate normally this week.

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