Day 53: Housemates face Big Brother Heaven or Hell in final twist

During tonight’s show, Andrew is in the diary room, talking to Big Brother about his confrontations in the house yesterday with Chanelle and housemates. “I can’t wait not to see them again”, he says about his fellow housemates.

Andrew, Raph, Tom and Kieran are in the living room, playing a sea animal themed guessing game. Andrew discusses his views that Mermaids are real. “Why would they have made The Little Mermaid if it wasn’t real?” he says.

Isabelle is in the diary room, reflecting on her Big Brother learning experience: “If you can make anybody feel comfortable, somebody feel happy and make somebody’s day. That’s much better than looking good. I’d honestly rather look like sh*t, but be a dead nice person to somebody”

Housemates experience the final stage of the Life task ‘Heaven or Hell’ they learn their fate. The housemates that are sent to hell will be evicted from the Big Brother house immediately via the back door.

The housemates enter a white room where they watch an image reel of ‘best bits’ from their time in the house, before being told their destiny.

Andrew watches from heaven, immune from the task because he can’t win the series as a second chance housemate; “You are not going anywhere, surely to god you aren’t” he says towards the screen showing Raph and Isabelle.

Big Brother gathers the housemates in the living room, and announces that the remaining housemates who returned from BB Heaven are officially Big Brother finalists.

Big Brother continues tonight.

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