Day 53: Marc: “I was funny, then I became nasty, then I got sad”

As Housemates failed the shopping task, Marc has taken to the Diary Room to talk about his time in the House, but not before causing some trouble..

Marc is teasing Jack by tempting him with the guest food. Joel tells Marc to stop it. Marc says to Jack, “You’re out of here Friday. Just eat it.” Jack is laughing at Marc. Jack and Marc pretend to the others that Jack ate some of the croissant. Joel is angry. He says, “Everyone else has worked hard and you’re not going to ruin it for everyone else.” Jack asks ,“Do you really think I’d do that?!”

Chloe says, “You’ve been the sh**est.” Jack eats some. He says, “The amount of shit I’ve taken off you lot in the last few days. You’ve pushed me to that.” Marc is delighted. Chloe says, “Feel good, does it?! You might as well take your uniforms off because Jack’s quit.” Everyone is annoyed. Cristian says, “I’ve worked so hard. I really wanted to pass this task.”

Aisleyne responds, “It’s not only Jack that’s ruined it. He’s not the only one that’s been cheating. Leave him alone!”

Later, Big Brother gathers the Housemates for the results of the task. They have failed the task due to Harry deserting her post the day before and Jack eating a guest pastry. Jack is annoyed. Sam is annoyed. She jumps into the pool with her uniform on. Harry joins her. Some of the start throwing hotel props into the pool. Joel refuses to try to stop it.

Jack is called to the Diary Room. Jack refuses to answer any of Big Brother’s questions. “We break the rules every f******g day but you pick on me! I’m not talking to you.”

Marc is in the Diary Room saying, “If I go, I go. From what I’ve gathered I was funny, then I became nasty, then I got sad. I’m going to be funny again. I think of Jack and how I made him eat that danish today. That was probably one of my best moments in the house.” He laughs. “When they’re throwing all their stuff in the pool. That was me! I did that! I loved it.”

Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm.

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