Day 53: Public to choose who decides which Housemates get letters from Home

The latest power poll is for the public to decide who gets their letters from home

53 days into the series, and Big Brother is about to let the Housemates get their letters from home. Earlier today, another poll opened on the official Big Brother app allowing the public to vote for who they thought should decide who gets their letters from home.

This means that not all the Housemates will get their letters from home. Some Housemates may want their letters more than others, with Helen crying to Big Brother in the Diary Room during tonight’s show.

‘I feel a bit home-sick.’ says Helen, telling Big Brother that she feels a certain pressure to keep up in the house and not be boring. She says that her responses have changed since being in the house and adds: ‘It’s taken me twenty seven years to realise that making a noise and shouting louder than everyone else doesn’t get you anywhere. I don’t want to go back to being the person I was a couple of years ago. I want to leave this house and have a fresh start.’

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