Day 55: Housemates break into camera runs in latest revolt

In tonight’s show, the Housemates break into the camera runs in the latest revolt against Big Brother

The Housemates have revolted against Big Brother yet again, and this time have broken into the camera runs of the House. It begins as some of the Housemates chat in the garden and decide to remove the batteries from their microphones and sprint around the camera runs, all apart from Jack. Security arrives and the Housemates are returned to the garden.

After the Housemates return to the House, Nick says that they will probably all be thrown out because of the mini revolt and that Jack will probably win and jokingly calls him a ‘game-player’.

Big Brother announces to the group that as a punishment for breaking the rules, they must pack their suitcases and leave them for collection. Joel says, ‘This is serious now.’

Jack goes to Big Brother and asks if they have just lost their suitcases for a short period of time and Big Brother cryptically replies, ‘You’ll have to wait and see.’ Jack also expresses some regret for not trying to save himself, saying he wishes he hadn’t been so ‘nicey nice’.

Big Brother continues at 9pm tonight on Channel 5.

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