Day 55: Nominations cause upset between Housemates after money twist

Nominations have caused a bit of upset in the House after the news of the money twist.

On tonight’s show, the Housemates are gathered around a buzzer and told by Big Brother that the prize money will drop when the countdown starts unless one of the Housemates presses the buzzer and nominates. Anyone pressing the buzzer who has not been nominated already will then be immune from nomination. The Housemates are also told that they must remain silent during this task or there will be monetary consequences. After nominating, the Housemates prize fund stands at £134,100.

However, Big Brother also penalises the Housemates for speaking during the task. The total prize fund now rests at £48,400.

Harry goes to the Diary Room and is upset about Cristian reasons for nominating Nick and the inference that she is somehow bullying him. Cristian, Joel and Jack talk about the task and Jack call it ‘a cruel game’.

Jack and Chloe clear the air and Jack says, ‘It shows we’re true friends that neither of us pressed it.’

Jack and Nick share a bath and Jack asks Nick why he didn’t make a move to save himself during the task and Nick replies that he thought that ‘whatever’s going to happen is going to happen’.

Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

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