Day 55: Nominees able to bid for safety, sacrificing Chloe

The nominated Housemates have been given the choice to save themselves – but at the cost of more of the prize fund and nominating Chloe. 

Yesterday, Housemates took part in the latest round of nominations which saw them nominate to save their prize fund. At the end of the task, Jack, Nick, Harry and Sam faced eviction from the House and the prize fund drop to £134,000.

Later, the Housemates were punished for breaking task rules, seeing the prize fund drop again, and then Joel caused a further reduction after having pizza.

Now the prize fund stands at £45,900 and Big Brother has offered the nominated Housemates the chance to save themselves from eviction. They must bid for their freedom – but if they do, they will end up nominating Chloe for eviction.

More soon.

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