Day 56: C5 confirm Chloe nomination in latest cashbomb

Channel 5 have confirmed that Chloe does face eviction this week in place of Nick.

Yesterday, it emerged that Channel 5 had leaked the results of the nominations cashbomb through an online video, though it wasn’t confirmed.

However, they have now confirmed that Nick saved himself from eviction and placed Chloe up on the block meaning she faces the public vote with Jack, Harry and Sam.

Big Brother gathers the Housemates on the sofas. Another Time Bomb has been dropped. Harry, Jack, Nick and Sam have all been nominated. Big Brother tells the Housemates that each of the nominated Housemates will be given the chance to reverse their nomination by passing it on to another Housemate. Cristian, Danny and Joel are immune from nominations. Therefore, the only Housemate that they may pass on their nomination to is Chloe. Each of the nominated Housemates is given a white board and is asked to bid an amount of money from the prize fund to gamble. The highest bid will reverse their nomination and pass it to Chloe.

In addition, the prize fund will be reduced by the amount bid. Harry bids nothing saying, “I got nominated for genuine reasons and I’m not going to take that away from anyone.” Jack bids nothing saying, “I value my friendship more than money.” Sam bids zero saying, “Chloe’s been an amazing friend to me. I would never put her up for nominations.”

Nick bids five thousand pounds saying, “This is what I’ve wanted my whole life…To get to the final.” Nick is no longer facing eviction and Chloe is facing eviction in his place. The prize fund is reduced from £45,900 to £40,900. Chloe says thanks to those who didn’t bid. Nick says, “I’m sorry. I couldn’t have forgiven myself if I didn’t bid for it. Nick leaves the sofa. Chloe comments, “Turns out you can put a price on friendship.”

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