Day 58: Housemates add £21k in endurance cashbomb task

Housemates have added money onto their overall prize fund. 

Big Brother calls Chloe to the Diary Room. Chloe is given a secret task. Chloe must decide on monetary amounts to be allocated to each Housemate for the endurance task. She is given several amounts of money totalling twenty five thousand pounds that may or may not be added to the prize fund.

She must use her knowledge of each Housemate to judge who will pass and who will fail and allocate the amounts accordingly; the most money being allocated to the Housemate that she believes will last the longest, the least amount on the person who will give up the fastest. Chloe puts zero beside Jack saying, “I believe Jack is pretty weak minded.” She puts one thousand pounds beside Joel and Nick for similar reasons to Jack adding, “Nick is less likely to take one for the team.” She puts two thousand pounds by Harry, “Because she’s definitely a team player,” but thinks she will follow Nick if Nick has given up.

She allocates Sam five thousand pounds because she is also a team player. She puts ten thousand pounds by Cristian and six thousand at Danny saying that they are both very competitive.

The Endurance task begins. Each Housemate must hold up a money bag by a rope for an unknown amount of time. They all discuss who will have the most money in their bag. Chloe drops her bag saying it was an accident.

It’s one hour and ten minutes into the task. Big Brother brings an ice cream cart to tempt the Housemates to drop their bags. Big Brother tells them that they can only have ice cream if they drop their bags. Nick drops his bag saying, “I did not do that on purpose.” Harry thinks Nick dropped his bag on purpose to chat up the ice cream girl.

It’s been one hour and fifty one minutes of the endurance task. Harry drops her bag accidently. She’s annoyed with herself. The Big Brother phone rings in the living area. It’s Jack’s dad asking to talk to him. Jack says, “He’d want me to stay.” His dad says, “We love you millions.”

It’s been three hours and forty five minutes since the endurance task began. Big Brother sends in a pile of takeaway pizzas. Jack says, “I’m f*****g starving. I let everyone win last night.” Joel agrees and says, “If I want go I’ll go.” Joel lets go of his bag. Jack deliberates, “I think we’re well past but they’re making us think that we’re not.”

Cristian and Danny have been holding their bags for over ten hours. The Housemates countdown and they let go together.

Big Brother reveals the results of the task. Housemates are told about Chloe’s secret task. The amount of time needed to pass the task is revealed as six hours and thirty minutes. Housemates one by one open their bags to reveal the amount of money that Chloe allocated to them. Danny, Cristian and Sam passed the task and twenty one thousand pounds is added to the prize fund. The total now stands at seventy two thousand, one hundred pounds.

Big Brother continues tonight at 10pm.

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