Day 58: Power of Money twist announced by Big Brother

Emma Willis tonight revealed that Housemates would be taking part in a money themed twist all next week

Earlier tonight, Zoe became the tenth person to be evicted from the House. It was then announced by Emma that the Housemates that remain in the House would be taking part in a special money themed twist.

The prize fund for Big Brother currently stands at £100,000. However, in the twist the Housemates have the chance to add £25,000 onto the fund bringing the total to £125,000.

However – the Housemates will have to double cross each other if they want to add the £25,000. More details will be announced as the twist takes place next week.

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  1. emma(s5) was gold says

    Fantastic series again… and as they go into the home straight and have formed a happy house, now they dangle the money in front of their “clique” relationship bonds…

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