Day 59: Chloe and Harry win back suitcases after describing task

Chloe and Harry have been given back their suitcases after being without them for breaking Big Brother rules.

On tonight’s show, Housemates are gathered for a game where they must describe a housemate with one word. They’ve been given a choice of words. Sam describes Harry as ‘unpredictable’ saying, “Just for shifts in moods”. Chloe describes Danny as superior saying, “You don’t think you’re better than anyone else and that’s your best quality.” They hug.

Danny describes Chloe as normal saying, “I’d consider you as my sister. We’ve stuck with being normal.” Chloe is happy. Big Brother announces two suitcases will be returned as a reward. The Housemates must decide which of them will receive their cases. They vote for Harry and Chloe.

Jack is in the bathroom talking about Chloe saying, “I worry about her this week.” Joel says, “I’m not falling out with anyone over money in the last week.”

Chloe is in the Diary Room. “I still feel a bit embarrassed and a bit awkward. I feel like Danny is still disappointed in me. It’s so much worse than [them] being angry or annoyed.”

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