Day 59: Chloe attempts to leave the House after taking £5,000

Chloe tried to leave the Big Brother House yesterday after she took £5,000 of the prize fund. 

Doncaster born Chloe, yesterday decided to take £5,000 of the eventual winner’s prize in the latest cashbomb task. However, soon after taking the money she was attacked with comments that she is hypocritical.

Throughout the week, Chloe has told the Housemates not to take money offered by Big Brother and as a result when she spoke to Danny, he said “I’m disappointed in some people’s decisions,” he responded. “Everything you’ve argued for in the last week… it’s completely useless now.”

Disappointed with herself and following the comments by her fellow Housemates, Chloe attempted to break the fire exit door in the garden to leave the Big Brother House.

Chloe is then called to the Diary Room to talk to Big Brother “Please let me put that money back. I can’t take that money back. If I’d known people were going to begrudge me five grand… That’s massive to me. That’s five months wages. I can’t cope. I feel embarrassed. I’m disappointed with myself. I’m disappointed with Dan.”

Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

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