Day 6: Amy upsets Aaron during a game of truth or dare

Aaron got upset last night after a game of truth or dare.

On tonight’s highlight show, we see Aaron get upset over a game of truth or dare that the Housemates played. During the show, the Housemates are playing truth or dare and Jade gives Aaron a lap dance.  Amy gets the question ‘who least deserves their place in the house and why’.  She says Aaron.

“It’s not least deserve, but the person who least don’t need it is Aaron.  And I think that’s because he’s popular already”. This causes Aaron to get upset. Later on,  Aaron and Sally talk in the bedroom.

“I moved to London, I did it all on my own, I did it every single day with a retail job.  I’m a normal guy and with that I got lucky with a few opportunities. I’m very blessed that a designer would give me anything. Aaron said.

“When I got CK I got scrutinised…it was an amazing thing and I’m so blessed for it…I didn’t get paid hardly anything for it…I was no one and it was my job to prove myself to those people”

After talking to Saly, Aaron cries in the bedroom and Harriet comforts him.

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