Day 6: Austin is still unhappy with Janice following spitting

Austin is still angry with Janice after she seemed to spit at him last night.

During tonight’s show, Janice comes into the living room and apologises to Austin about their argument the night before saying, “Austin, I am terribly sorry for my behaviour, I was completely out of line for being a pantomime babe.. Actually a pantomime Dame”.

Austin enters the Diary Room and angrily tells Big Brother “I was good for about nine seconds before I walked to the window and saw Miss Dickinson still here.”

Austin is still annoyed with Janice and tells Big Brother to “unlock the door so I can spit in her face.” Big Brother instructs Austin to sit down and reminds him of the rules of the Big Brother house.

Janice last night was given a formal warning by Big Brother for the incident and told her that the behaviour was totally unacceptable. The warning was her first and final warning.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm.

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