Day 6: Housemates must hide tasks from Bianca in new secret mission

A secret task has the Housemates hiding things from Bianca.

During tonight’s show, Housemates are given a task that must be kept secret from the target, Bianca. Housemates must eat a pizza in 10 minutes without Bianca seeing them.

James C is in the Diary Room to hear instructions for the next part of todays task that relies on solely on him. He must lead Tony the Show Pony through the house without Bianca seeing him. James C laughs: “It’s going to be wonderful to share a brief time with something whose IQ is probably greater than some of the people in here.”

While Bianca is in the bedroom James C walks Tony the Pony through the house and into the garden and announces, “I am the Lord Commander, and this is my steed!” Housemates are quietly excited as James C completes the task.

For the final part of the today’s task Brandon host a secret rave in the Snug. Housemates must all enter in 10 second intervals and rave for at least 30 seconds without Bianca suspecting a thing.

Later, Big Brother has gathered the Housemates to reveal the results of today’s secret task. Housemates successfully distracted Bianca and have therefore passed. They will be rewarded with some of Bianca’s favourite food and will listen to some of her favourite songs.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm.

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